Press Quotes & Reviews

(Revival) "This is one of these album where POC can really look up to and feel empowered to make their own music."
No Filter CHUO 89.1, CA

(Unspoken) "A mournfully beautiful song." - The Q Review, CA

(Snakebite) "Canadian frontwoman takes influence from Phoebe Bridgers on this soft yet soaring post-rock-inspired swoon." 
- Mystic Sons, UK

(Snakebite) "Jenn Nucum’s new single Snakebite is emotive, touching, and immediately tells a story from the onset of the haunting guitar work that begins the effort. Jenn’s voice and instrumentation rise and fall together. The gradual increase in Snakebite’s tempo through the 2:45 ark allows the final minute of the single’s run time ample opportunity to move into more emotionally impacting fare. Snakebite is able to model the sheer intensity of life well in the course of 3:45. Humanity and technical brilliance interact to make for one hell of a statement on Nucum’s latest; anyone that has went through seeking acceptance will find a kindred soul in the statements contained within." - NeuFutur, US

(Out for Blood) "Emerging Filipina-Canadian singer-songwriter Jenn Nucum gives food for thought on new, politically informed single 'Out For Blood'. You can tell a song has something important to say when it comes stripped from all distractions and ‘Out For Blood’ shines through its vocals alone. Skating on subtly dramatic guitar lines, Jenn Nucum’s gentle yet determined voice draws attention to her sharp, observant lyricism that calls out social injustices - 'Haven’t we learned anything? Feeding our ignorance, dismissing reasons, perpetuated tunnel-vision. I can’t relate, I choose not to watch'." - When the Horn Blows, UK

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